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You are what you eat,’ goes the saying and therefore you try to eat healthy foods.
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Daily Diet Planning
Daily Diet Planning
‘You are what you eat,’ goes the saying and therefore you try to eat healthy foods. Healthy eating is when you choose foods from the basic food groups, which include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Eating a diet including grains – chapattis, breads, pasta, pulses, vegetables, especially leafy green veggies, salads, low fat dairy products  such as milk, curd,paneer, etc; fruits, meat and meat substitutes with a limited amount of fats and sweets. The food, which you eat, needs to be balanced with activity and exercise to maintain your weight. Drinking in moderation and limiting foods high in salt, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol and added sugar is a sure way to live free of diseases.
1 toast + 1 egg / 1stuffed roti / 2Brown bread or atta bread  slices +vegs stuffed in it / poha / oat porridge . make the oat porridge
 in water and later add 1/2 cup of milk .. try not to avoid the b/f .you can have 1 besan cheela or 1 moong dal cheela also for b/f.

2 rotis  + 1 katori of thin dal ( moong /arhar / chana/ malka masoor ) + veg+ salad+ 1/2katori curd  or south indian meal like 2 idli  OR 1  plain dosa not the rawa dosa . have less of sambhar as that also gives water retention + chutney OR  2 roti + fish + vegs .or 2 roti + chicken + vegs + salad OR 1 katori of cooked rice + 1 katori of dal + vegs + salad + 1/2 katori curd .

e/t- tea + 1 biscuit( preferably britannia digestive biscuit or 2 monacco biscuits).


2 roti + vegs + salad / 1-2  soya roti + vegs/ 1 jaw roti + vegs / some days if lunch has been heavy then have oat porridge /  chicken + vegs+ salad / 1-2  besan cheela + curd or some times if you have had a plate of alu tikki  or dahi bada or papri chaat in the evening then that is your dinner. at the most you can have fruits and 1cup of milk

Try not to have roti + dal  or roti + chicken for dinner..

If eating out in a marriage try avoiding the heavy gravies and pick up only  paneer pieces or chicken pieces with a tandoori roti . avoid the naans.( as it is maida ).
 Try having early dinners if not gong out for dinners ( before 7.30 pm).
Avoid gulab jamun , barfi and instead haverasgulla or ras malai or kulfi or ice creams.
Reduce the salt in take to only 1/2 tsp. in a day.
Avoid pickles and papads.