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You are what you eat,’ goes the saying and therefore you try to eat healthy foods.
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Few Top Achievers Who have Gained Good Health with Dr. Sarita.

My aim is to give our clients the ultimate in good health  in the form of Ideal Body Weight, Disease elimination and renewed health and vigour. I feel elated when I receive comments from my clients who are through their dedication able to achieve their goals . To get an insight into their success stories please read on..

Sonal Gupta  (Mumbai)
Remarks: " I've lost 8.5 kgs in a matter of 3 months which has been by far the fastest weight loss I've experienced. After trying most of the well known dieticians (Anjali Mukherjee, Rama Bans, Naini Setalwad, Rujuta Diwekar etc) and struggling to stick to their diets, I joined  DR. Sarita Dimri as my last attempt to lose weight. The best part about her diet was that it was different everyday which made it a lot more follow able as compared to other nutritionists who expect you to stick to the same diet plan for a week or two. Her diet consisted of very convenient alterations to the food we usually eat and was completely personalized to suit my likes and dislikes. Moreover, she was always available on mail or the telephone at any hour of the day to guide me which made it an absolutely hassle free experience.  With her guidance and support the weight loss process has been quite easy and I have not only achieved my first target but I'm also encouraged to go on till I reach my optimal weight."
Ms. Shikha (age 26yrs. )(New Delhi)
Remarks: "Dr. Sarita  has really changed my attitude  to good health . I feel very comfortable with my body now. She guided me with the wt loss programme and even motivated me when ever I was feeling low.
"I have lost 25 Kg, with her and plan to loose more as I feel really good after finding a new me .
Ms. Ratna (New Delhi)
Remarks: ‘Very satisfied. This diet proved to be very helpful.  I was a p.c.o.s case, which prevented me from losing weight at a desired rate. so loosing wt. for me was a difficult task .With the motivation I recieved and my customised diet I was able to shed some unwanted weight. My complexion has also improved.” Dr Sarita has been a pillar of support for me . God Bless Her.
Ms. Rita (UK)
Remarks: Found improvement in my  overall digestion. After joining Dr. Sarita  I found out that due to my Prakriti I was allergic to milk products. This knowledge improved my acidity and constipation problem.The programme has helped me a lot .
Ms Neena (USA)
Remarks:  “This is a fact that my weight loss was very good and i would like to add that the counselling sessions have been a tremendous help to me. I have overcome certain traumatic situations by sharing and talking and I have the highest appreciation and gratitude towards Dr Sarita for all the help extended to me. I have once again started moving towards my old confidence and self assured self. It feels so good!  
Ms. Rita (UK)
Remarks:“A very good Program.  I am benefited from this. I would like to give major credit to Dr Sarita. Thanks a tonn!
Mrs. Sushmita (Indore)
Remarks: I lost 8 kg in two and a half months . With the weight problem i had gas and acidity also. Dr sarita helped me to loose weight at the same time my acidity and gas problem also improved . she has got me in to the habit of eating healthy food.
Ms. Urmila  (New Delhi)
Remarks: “I am very happy to have joined this program coz I have come to know about better eating habbits, which are keeping me more fit, and making me feel better. My weight has also decreased along with this feeling of well being and this is an added bonus!! Earlier I was taking Laxatives regularily but now am completely off.”
Mrs. Sangeeta (Indore)
Remarks:  I Used to get a choky feeling  while sleeping and would get up several times at night. I never could sleep well.After the diet plan  with Dr Sarita I found I  was allergic to wheat which was making my body more dry as my Prakriti was vata.I was given a diet which reduced my wheat intake and this helped me achieve my target weight along with general wellbeing.