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You are what you eat,’ goes the saying and therefore you try to eat healthy foods.
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Dr. Sarita Dimri (B.A.M.S) is a graduate of Ayurvedic Medicines from the famous Lucknow University in INDIA. Her interest in the field of nutrition led her to pursue a diploma in Nutritional Education (D.N.H.E).She has been successful in amalgamating the goodness of Ayurvedic medicine with the field of nutritional aspects of weight loss/gain. Her work has led her to train, supervise and coordinate all procedures for patients on strict food plans for cardiac, renal, diabetic, weight reduction and gain, post-surgical menus; plan menu selections for all her patients.

These Days she is working as a Dietitian in Dehradun.
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Dr Rohni Gupta - Delhi

Jasleen Sarna

Ms. Ratna

Ms. Rita

Ms. Shikha

Sonal Gupta

Vishal Gupta

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I’ve lost 5 kgs in one month which was even unbelievable to me. I myself never believed one can loose at this rate only by eating the RIGHT food at the RIGHT timings. As I had always believed that exercises can make me loose faster and even practically tried it earlier on many occassions, this programme proved that blend of right intake under able guidance can reap richer dividends. After joining the health regime of Dr Sarita Dimri, I was actually eating more but it was a balanced and nutritious diet with variety and flavour of all kinds. Even I could have certain of my favourites like chicken, Rajma Chawal, south Indian dishes on selected days. Her availiability 24x7 on telephone made it very easy to make suitable changes as per your requirement in the diet. The continued guidance throughout the weight loss process made it more convenient and everlasting  experience. I thank Dr Sarita Dimri for bringing a positive change in my life.

Rakesh, Dehradun